Say goodbye to chemical nasties!

Where to begin! I have recently read the amazing “Eat Dirt” by Josh Axe. It has started so many thought processes and triggered me to choose more raw and organic options where I can. I have also began shopping for fruit and veggies as locally as possible to ensure I am getting both fresh nutrient high products as well as them hopefully still having some literal dirt. (This book is life changing if you are into health and wellness or on your start of your journey please please please read!)

Reducing chemicals in our home has been something I have been really working on with natural cleaning products, bathroom items and what goes in our mouths there are so many amazing natural and chemical free options and have had quite alot of fun swapping out items that were once chemical free. I believe these chemicals were contributing to a lot of my gut health issues and being absorbed though not only insides but outsides through our skin.

Some of these products I have loved are available on nourished life and beautiful because head to my instagram @pilatesbyannika to see some of the products I love or head to this post for some of last months favourites!

This weekend my boyfriend and I headed down to the Mornington peninsula to have an afternoon together both having the afternoon off. We stumbled across a raw foods grocer and picked up a few staples and things to try. Its fair to say we had a bit too much fun!

Some of the items we purchased that were all organic and chemical free

  • cacao nibs (we use in smoothies and to top porridge as well as in raw treats)
  • coconut flakes (I use ontop of my porridge in morning and for treats)
  • chia seeds (for..well..everything right! for chia puddings, over night oats, simply in water to drink, smoothies, salads you name it!)
  • maca powder (raw desserts and smoothies)
  • mung beans and lentils (used for soups, salads and veggie patties)
  • macadamia/choc balls (well these were for treats, and to reward our shopping haha)

I purchased some glass jars at kmart in which I store all of our raw ingredients to keep fresh and out of plastic! They are also really convenient to use for quick toppings and keeping the pantry clean and tidy.

As far as fruit and veg goes lately I have been using aussie farmers direct and ordering boxes off their website and its extremely convenient to top up during week. However, I also love sciclunas in mentone and the south melbourne market as I really do believe that being apart of the selection process and the vibes/experience of the shop is a huge part of the cooking and eating process. In my health coaching course we have been looking at the importance of home cooking and different ways of getting in the most to our food both nutrients and love. If you can home grow veggies organically and be apart of that process holy moly do it!!! Just as cooking and smelling your food sets your digestive system up for eating, so whilst freezing etc is convenient its something I’ve tried to be really mindful of lately.

A lot of people say to me or I hear complaining about “oh but healthy food is so expensive” as quoted in “Eat Dirt” I think the saying “You can pay the farmers now or the pharmacist later” is the way to think about food when it comes to costs. Not only is your body going to thank you down the track I can honestly say it makes you feeeellll amazing, nourishing your body and enjoying what you are eating!!!!

What can you take from this? Perhaps you will swap out one house hold or bathroom chemical laden product for a natural one this week or decide to buy some organic veggies or perhaps even head to your local market instead of the commercial supermarket and make it a fun morning!

Please message me with any questions or comment your own experiences with chemical free living and how you are going on your journey!

Stay happy and healthy x



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