Vegilicious Brown Rice “sushi”

Sunday cook ups are my favourite so today I felt a craving, a craving for a very something in particular and that was (as you’ve probably guessed by the title) SUSHI!!!

I haven’t made sushi for a very long time so I was slightly hesitant especially as I wanted to use a brown rice. I thought I would give you the yummy recipe below and hope you find them as scrumptious as I did! You can use whatever veggies, sauces etc that tickle your inner sushi chef but these are just the plain flavours I love in my susshaayyy.

1 + 1/2 Cups Brown Organic Rice (you could also use white or sometimes I have used quinoa also just keep in mind the cooking times will vary!)

3 tbsp organic rice vinegar (I used the brand carwari, can find in most wholefoods stores)

pinch or 2 or sea salt




Sliced cucumber


Red capsicum


Pickled ginger

Sesame seeds

Tamari/Soy Sauce or coconut aminos (depending if you are gluten free or not)

wasabi (what did the sushi say to the bee? wasabi!) lols

Once rice is cooked drain and run under cold water, then add the 3tbsp (i added a little extra) of rice vinegar and stir through. From there lay out the nori sheet and spread rice across add long strips of your desired veggies and roll tightly! Ta da! All done. They are yummiest fresh but can keep up to 1-2 days.

Enjoy babes x


(photo from Pinterest, I ate mine too fast to take a photo oops)


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