Seriously delicious and simple stir fry


oil of choice (coconut, olive or any you choose)

1 brown onion cut to long strips

1 clove garlic chopped

Ginger cut finely (I like loads so adjust to taste)

Soy Sauce or Coconut Aminos

Handful red cabbage

3 handfuls Savoy cabbage

2 Bok choy chopped

Handful of long green beans

1 carrot peeled

Fried shallots


1 egg

peanuts or cashews

Cook garlic and onion in hot pan with oil of choice and soy sauce

once cooked leave to side

place one scrambled egg into pan and cook (place to side once cooked)

In a seperate pan heat oil and add ginger bok choy cabbage and red cabbage

Toss lightly before adding carrot and beans

DO NOT OVER COOK try to keep ingredients as fresh as possible

Take off heat

Add all cooked ingredients

  • Greens as base layer plus egg
  • onions on top
  • coriander, shallots and peanuts to add flavour and texture

Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Absolutely delicious and so good for a decent size meal with beautiful fresh ingredients (can add noodles if you like even more bulk)



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