A step inside self love

Respect. Honour. Love your beautiful self. Allow others to learn from you through by not taking anything less than blooming extraordinary. Love yourself and attract nothing less than amazing into your space. Go about each and every day with love for yourself and the space, tribe and life you have created. What will you do for your self love today and every day? Map out your top 7 things that make your soul light up, sunbeams dance from your smile and put a laugh in your belly. Designate 1 of these to every day of the next week. Do this chosen activity for that day. Reflect how amazing it makes you feel. Connect with your inner self and get some beautiful love flowing. Repeat X Lifetime. ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼


How fast each day goes by. Days turn into weeks weeks to months and months to years. When was the last time you truly looked within and gave yourself some love? We spend so much of our lives putting OUT and giving to OTHERS. it’s time you have BACK beautiful. Back to yourself and told yourself how much you love YOU.


My top 7 for this week (things that make me connect with myself feel at one with mind and body and get the self love flowing.

1. Reading

2. Cooking

3. Baths/Hot shower with essential oils candles and salts

4. Watching sunset/sunrise and talking to myself… Yes I’m weird but I like to have a little chat to me letting it go out to sea or out with the rise or set of sun setting goals and sending people love. I really do believe by putting people in our meditations or prayers that whatever we send them eg health happiness love confindece that they can feel just a little of it. I then do this for myself allowing myself to tell ME what I love what I love about my life and future and how I feel. Call me crazy but makes me feel fab to just sit by beach or wherever taking it in.

4. Journaling

5. Grocery/market shopping (I actually hate clothes shopping but food shopping ANYDAY)

6. Walks with no phone or music. Walking in th Β sunshine and not rushing.

7. Getting amongst nature and getting dirty


remember your 7 need to be your own. We may share some similar ones but don’t do what others say works for them and their self love. You need to go on your own journey it may take time mine sure did but you will get there darling.


Wishing you all the self love and radiance in this precious world



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