“We are the authors of our own lives” Creating the best version of YOU!

Whether it’s rolling out your mat to take some slow soft stretches or heading to catch a wave, witness a sunrise or make that cuppa that you wont forget about, we all have our way of priming ourselves for the day. Bio-individuality shows us that not only with food but EVERYTHING we do that what works for someone may be another souls poison or bottom of priority list.

Taking that time each morning to tune in to what it is you need in that moment has never been more important with deadlines, technology and overly stimulating lights we truly need to start the day looking in before we even get to any of the heavy stuff (as exciting as it may be).

Think about it, the day that you decided to have a little medi or rolled out your beautiful mat for a stretch or a moment of stillness, your conversations, interactions and overall being showed up more that day RIGHT!?

With many clients and with myself as my own guinea pig, I love to dive deep into what makes us “healthy” and “happy” other than just what we fuel ourselves with in the physical form of food.

How are your relationships do they light you up, support you and give you room to grow? Does your job and work environment serve YOU or are you just comfortable? Do you get adequate amounts of physical activity?(remembering to always exercise how YOU love to not how the person next to you does) What spiritual practice do you have? This may be yoges, gardening maybe even cooking! Whatever it is that makes your soul shine do more of this and THEN introduce those amazing organic foods and chemical free products because with out the rest I can almost guarantee that this will slip. eg. SCENARIO FOR YOU coming home to a toxic relationship from a bad day at the office.. what do you reach for A. a nourish bowl or B. a block of cadbury caramel chocolate? EXACTLY.

Take a moment to write down or mentally note

  • what makes you feel amazing upon waking up?
  • who do you love to be around because you can be authentically YOU and feel both supported and the best version of yourself
  • what FOODS make you feel AMAZZZIINNG I’m talking digestion feeling on point, bounce in your step, love the taste and how it makes you feel mentally
  • how does your BODY like to MOVE is it pilates, dance, hiking, surfing, walks with friends?
  • what is your ideal day?
  • what is your DREAM job and whats stopping you from getting there?

Now that you have these all written down I want you to think of a step for each that could allow you to LIVE this every day! sure some days you wont we are all human but think about? What are your current limitations? If you need a hand with this step and where to go next shoot me an email hello@pilatesbyannika.com I would love to chat.

Sending love light and good vibes xx


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