November reflecting, learning and growing

We all start somewhere in our wellness journey some get a health shock or scare that wakes them up, others slowly transition. What ever your story or where ever you are at in your journey you go girl, you are on your way or possibly already at a healthier happier YOU with more energy, the whites of your eyes popping and being the best version of yourself day in and out!

I want today to be about reflection, looking back and seeing how far you have come and the lessons you have learnt. Now this needs to be in a positive light NO β€œI hate that I did this or that”

Taking time to appreciate the road we have been on and how we have become who we are today I believe is vital to the future and for appreciating the NOW.

Isn’t it so easy to just go go go and always look forward, anticipate and plan. Whilst this is all incredibly important and plays a huge role in our ever changing lives, more than ever we need to hit the pause button.

How are you feeling right now?

When was the last time you TRULY reflected?

What major events have occurred that have lead to where you are today?

How have you changed in the last month, 6 months, year, 5 years?

What are your core values and do people around you reflect those?

Thinking of ways that allows us to come into the present moment and testing these perhaps it’s a bath or meditation maybe having coffee with a friend? Allow yourself to be aware of these and incorporate them into your day to day life.

I learnt this off a dear friend, we were having a walk and she started talking about her practice of every night she got into her car to go home from work or wherever she had been that day she would reflect. What had occurred that day that she would have changed? What were the highlights? How was she feeling? No judgement to the answers she gave herself simply acknowledging and understanding. I freaking LOVE this and have been doing it ever since learning of this. I highly recommend you try it, it has done wonders for me and I find myself craving it some nights! If you don’t get in the car maybe when you go for a walk or sit on the train, you get the idea.

So 3 questions for yourself right now tying back to where I started.

what are you main health goals?

how could you get there?

when will you make time to reflect?

Sending love, light and good vibes

Happy reflecting I hope it brings you much joy and clarity



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