be humble, be teachable and always keep learning my recommended reads to expand your mind and excel growth

Bookstores are a place where my whole body just relaxes (cheap therapy hey) I find that I am at ease and get excited by the lessons yet to learn and peoples wisdom they have wanted to share by putting it on paper. I loved books and bookstores as a little girl and think it takes me back there a bit also.

This love brings me to this blog, that I plan to continue to update when reading new books that I think MUST be shared! I have a thousand favourites so just had to choose a handful to start this off, please write in comments any of your favourites as I am always seeking out a good read!

Top picks of life so far:

The Gift of Anger by Arun Gandhi (I have done a whole blog post dedicated to this which you can find here)

Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (again a whole blog post has been written off this book which you’ll find over hereΒ this book and its lessons have allowed me to open up a rather hurt and confused heart and how to move forward in relationships in all areas of life)

Gut by Giulia Enders (PLEASE read this book, get it in your hands and learn about whats happening on the inside of YOU. Our guts are literally our second brain and how they function can limit or excel us in life and health)

Fight like a girl by Clementine Ford (girl power through and through without going overboard, her views and expressions are empowering as hell. She is hilarious also)

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch (important to remember that god does not have to be in a religious sense, for me I replace the word with universe or whatever works for you!)

Eat Dirt by Josh Axe (this book changed so much for me in the way I viewed where food came from and how our gut determines so much of our health! How to eat for good gut health and where to source the highest quality foods)

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (okay so this one isn’t exactly info delivered in a guidelines way or proving nutrition advice but man is it good for the soul, I have read it at least 4 times now and writing this makes me want to again. Throughout the whole book I was left feeling uplifted and like I wanted to take on the world, seriously incredible book and lady)

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (so as you cans see I have a slight authors crush, I discovered this book whilst strolling through book store as I love to do in down time and the cover caught me instantly, I was seeking creativity without realising it and when I picked up the book the author and the content just felt so right. She dives into channeling your creativity and how to bring about “big magic” in your own life NO YOU DONT HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST you will find what works for you!

I have many many more but want to keep this page free for a few exciting titles I am diving into as of NOW (does anyone else have a pile next to their bed that they are trying to get through but keep adding to at the same time ahhh)

Happy Reading x


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