Mind, Body, Spirit + Summer Nourish Bowl Recipe

Let thy SELF be thy medicine.

We all have the ability to create our own pathways.

The secret lies in the nourishment we deliver to our temples! Our temples being the AMAZING body and spirit we have all been blessed to embody. Within our INCREDIBLE bods we can choose to boost ourselves to function optimally OR we can allow ourselves to never understand our full glowing potential.

The foods we eat have an enormous impact on our internal and external glow both mentally and physically. It is vital that we tune inwards to understand what works for our particular vessel. Bio individuality gives us the understanding where foods that may enable one person to thrive may make another drive away from good health. There are countless elements that connect ourselves to good health and it is important to look at your mind,body and spirit as a whole and not get lost in focusing on one soul aspect…

Ultimately, we can eat all the kale in the world, drink bottles of filtered water and replace all our beauty products with natural and organic options (all of which are important to living a holistic healthy life and nourishing your temple) YET if you are

  1. Coming home to a toxic relationship every day
  2. Have a work environment or career that’s deadlines or stress keep you up at night
  3. Aren’t getting adequate physical exercise
  4. Running on a constant low battery due to minimal or poor quality sleep
  5. Find you are living in the rat race with no YOU time, then all the kale in the world isn’t going to allow you to function optimally is it?

So how could you start to work towards creating the best version of yourself?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Does your everyday light you up? Are you living your vision board?

Are your relationships healthy? Do those in your tribe support you to thrive?

What would your ideal day look like?

In your day do you have time for you, time to nourish your soul? Do you have a mindful practice to help you tune inwards? Perhaps its yoga, ocean walks or reading a book?

How do you LOVE to create movement in your life? Is it hiking, pilates, yoga, dance, surfing?

Once you have directed your focus inwards into SELF, start to think of simple steps you can take to living your ULTIMATE journey! By nourishing your body and mind with whole foods and a mindful practice you can direct your journey to living the best version of yourself in all aspects of life. YOU deserve to feel great and you CAN live an extraordinary life!


Nearing the start of Summer in Australia we can almost taste the salt water,sun on our skin and balmy nights on the beach… For me I also think of the wholesome summery ingredients we can start to bring back or get excited for!

Nourish bowls are hands down my favourite way to eat and they work a treat in the warmer months.Here is how I select ingredients and create a bowl full of goodness!

Firstly, ensure you have GREENS, HEALTHY FATS, SEASONAL VEG, CARBOHYDRATES AND PROTEINS. Remember whole foods that are local, organic and FRSESH are best.

Here is a little idea of a combination, play around and have fun with creating your bowls as cooking is meant to be joyful and bring our creative side out.

1 Avocado sliced

1/4 Pomegranate

Cooked quinoa (optional)

1 cucumber sliced thinly

1 carrot (use a peeler and make ribbons)

1 roasted sweet potato (place in oven with salt and your choice of herb)

1 cup spinach chopped roughly 1 cup kale chopped roughly massage with olive oil or lightly cook if you find hard to digest

Handful of cherry tomatoes sliced in halves

Pea shoots, bean shoots, coriander and mint for topping

lemon, hummus, apple cider vinegar to dress

Nori crisps (amazing for boosting iodine)

(sometimes I add falafels also)

Layer ingredients or if serving with friends place prepared ingredients in little bowls for everyone to work around their taste buds and food needs. These make a beautiful meal to share with your tribe. Love and laughter around food is so special, share it with those who you want to glow and grow with you!



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