Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini BOOK REVIEW

Coming out of a long term relationship at the end of last year, I was in no frame of mind to get into reading books on love.

I came across pre order for Melissa Ambrosini’s ‘Open Wide’ and instinctively ordered it anyway. My gut knew that whilst no, I wasn’t ready that I would be. Boy was I right, the book arrived not a day early in January and I knew that it was going to teach me a deeper love for myself and show me how to get an understanding of what I not only deserve but desire in a future partnership.

Diving deep into love, rocking relationships and soulful sex this book blew my mind. I knew from the get go I had to very much ‘open wide’ and soak up every lesson and word off each page. I already know I will read this over and over in my life time, some parts more than others but as it served me so beautifully I urge you to also consider this book for you to get on a deeper level with yourself and uncover your truth(s). So get into your closest book store (my most favourite self love activity ever…) and add these pages of love and wisdom into life.

I am still processing so much but have certainly learnt and uncovered more about myself in these last weeks than I expected to this YEAR!

Understanding my values, how I like to receive love, how I need to be kinder and more gentle to myself when on my moon (menstrual cycle and day to day) and that I really need to STOP people pleasing (this chapter is epic).

My self love bucket is currently overflowing, sure there are days its a bit empty but I have realised how I thought it was full but that now I know how to boost it up when feeling crappy and that when I need a little lesson in love, relationships (friends or soul mates) that I can dive in and open wide all over again. Melissa thank you.


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