Periods, The Pill (from my experience) And Tracking Your Cycle

I have had a few incredible conversations of late about fertility, the pill and women’s beautiful cycles. Many of you have asked about the pill and hormones in messages and thought I would address it all in this blog post!

My experience with The Pill: I took The Pill (oral contraceptive pill) for 2 years straight. I skipped many periods and used it as contraception, but also because I was told it would help my acne and period pain… As an eighteen year old I couldn’t wait to start taking it, I had no idea then what I was putting into my temple and was quite blissfully unaware.

(Before I continue, no I am not a doctor or anything close and I respect and understand that the pill may have a place in some peoples lives for many reasons I am simply speaking from my own experience and sharing what I have learnt from others.)

During my time taking the pill I experienced the following:

  • Nausea
  • Excessive bloating
  • Pelvic pain (I had countless tests for this nothing showed up)
  • Blurred mental clarity
  • Mood swings like you would not believe
  • Period Pain (I had pain previously prior to taking pill but it actually got worse when on it)

After many tests to see if the above were coming from other issues in my body nothing was found, I spoke to my then partner and he even had a feeling that maybe coming off the pill would be a great start. I spoke to my GP (I didn’t see a naturopath back then) and whilst she was concerned from a contraceptive point of view said it was worth a shot to see if my symptoms would subside…

Would you believe pretty much all of the symptoms ESPECIALLY the pelvic pain subsided and I have not had any pain like it since going off the pill back in September 2016. It took my body about 4-6months to cleanse and get my period back to regular but it has never been better.

Outside lessons/resources: Shortly coming off the pill I decided to look into it further as I was amazed at the change in my bod. I listened to Melissa Ambrosinis podcast with the gorgeous and wise as all hell Nat Kringoudis which made me understand SO much of why I had been feeling like I was living outside my body, I highly recommend.

I also worked along side my nutritionist and naturopath for my thyroid and hormone imbalances after coming off the pill. (if you are considering coming off the pill PLEASE talk to your GP or naturopath, if you have a long term sexual partner make sure they know your choice and talk about how you will go forward with contraception from there on out.)

Check out Nat Kringoudis at her clinic or her blog she is a wealth of knowledge on all things hormones and fertility.

Tracking your moon: I remember the hardest thing about coming off The Pill was knowing when I was going to have the first day of my cycle. At this stage I was dancing full time and what an issue it was having no idea! It bounced around not getting regular for a bout 4 months, at one stage I even had 3 full periods in about 6 weeks… My poor body was SO confused and I simply had to wait it out till it found its rhythm again.

During this time I came across the app ‘CLUE’ this helped loads (even when it was very irregular at first and had days where I would get surprised) but now that I am regular to the hour I love having it and adding in extra symptoms such as skin, hair, exercise and so on! I highly recommend downloading this app pronto.

Natural pain remedies for when on your moon:

If you are off or on the pill try out some of these ideas instead of popping the ‘period pain’ panadol…

  • eat foods that are rich in magnesium and calcium’
  • take a hot bath with essential oils (lavender and frankincense are my favourite)
  • say a big NO to alcohol and YES to increasing water and herbal teas
  • get your hands on some of doTERRAs clary calm or clary sage essential oil this oil has assisted in cramp relief and mood swings not just on my cycle but during the entire month (please email me if you would like to sample some of this oil or register for your own account with doTERRA)
  • bananas are amazing for cramping with their high potassium nutrient level
  • give yourself a full body massage in a mix of coconut oil and clary sage essential oil
  • press a warm heat pack over belly or lower back and stay warm
  • take it easy! Treasure yourself and go slow in this beautiful time. You do not need to be super woman allow yourself these days to slow down and tune into your body.
  • last but not least LOVE your period do not HATE it, it is a beautiful time and experience, yes it can be timed poorly but by having this time it means our bodies are happy and healthy, it is such a sacred time so give yourself that love and nourishment you deserve every day and especially on those days.
  • Chaste tree herb/tonic by medi herb. This herb is amazing at soothing premenstrual acne, breast tenderness, cramps, and balancing hormones. It is a practitioner only product so consult your natural health practitioner to get your hands on chaste tree.

All my love gorgeous souls X X


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