Breaking barriers and unlocking the best version of YOU

Have you ever been SO incredibly out of your comfort zone, in a situation that you wish you could run from, felt immense fear, maybe even heart start to pump a little faster… (now just to cover, I am not talking life or death situations here I am talking day to day small activities please keep that in mind)

Have you ever felt that feeling of immense pride in yourself, almost want to give yourself a little high five, say a big “hell freaking yeah” to life when you have pushed beyond this discomfort?

I sure hope you have, and if you have not my wish for you after reading this blog is that you do (and PLEASE tell me all about it and we can high five together)

Now you might have absolutely no idea what I am getting at here and thats okay, I didn’t understand this concept until very recently. The best way I can describe it is

  1. feeling immense fear and doing it anyway
  2. breaking beyond your comfort zone and allowing some damn amazing growth to happen


My fears: Im going to give you a few examples. Some of you that know me personally probably don’t even know these about me! I can come across very confident and chatty but I used to be shy as hell (still am a lot of the time).

Growing up I HATED talking myself up, I hated when we would get something at school that said “list your strengths” or when a job application would say “why should we hire you”. I know now it was a mixture of not knowing myself well enough then and also the fear of what I loved about me, thinking that other people either wouldn’t see that or wouldn’t like… As I have hit my early twenties I have left that well behind and no longer really give a flying taco what anyone thinks of me.

My other fear was going places by myself, not having a friend or family member to walk side by side with. Having to strike up conversations with people I had never met used to terrify me. Early last year I realised these “fears” and “obstacles” that I had in myself, where it came from who knew but I needed to break through that. Thanks to some pretty amazing people in my life who taught be how to be brave and let the real me shine I came up with a plan to break these fears. So here is what I did…

I applied for about 15 different jobs, I went to job interview after job interview, I started this blog, I started talking to strangers in shops, making new friends and putting myself out there and you know what… I no longer have those two major fears (some days yes) but no where near as overwhelming as they used to be. The universe saw me working through this and rewarded me in truck loads. It will for you too. I have never experienced so much personal growth as those days where I told myself to be brave and breathe, to try something new and that one day it would be easy.

Recently I came across Nick Broadhursts new podcast “broad new world” and he has a phenomenal episode all about working through those uncomfortable patches. Give it a listen beautiful.Β 

Here is my challenge for YOU:

This week you are going to allow yourself 10 minutes to sit down in a quiet space, no distractions. Set a timer if you need to. Put on some music, maybe light a candle and get super comfy.

I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down the 4 following points

  1. What are my top 3 fears?
  2. Where might these have come from?
  3. How could I face these and start to create a life beyond these fears allowing growth and love to take place? (remember you can take baby steps)
  4. What would my life be like if these fears were no longer there or maybe even just a bit more manageable?

Every day for the next week you are going to pull this paper with your answers out first thing in the morning, read them, envisage you acting out the tasks to break through the fear and what it will feel like when you start to move beyond them.

Be patient with yourself, these things can take time, the main thing is you have started. I am PROUD of you, you should be too.

Lets create extraordinary lives and grow in leaps and bounds.

“Do what you fear, and fear disappears”

All my love x




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