Natural Shampoo Reviews

We have been told, for some time to think about what we put IN our bodies. We may not listen or care too much, or perhaps you take a special interest and passion for what you eat. None the less, the majority of us are AWARE of a general amounts of foods going IN that are not exactly WHOLESOME or what the naturopath ordered.

HOWEVER, today I wanted to talk about something that isn’t as typically spoken about as much and that is what we put ON our beautiful bods. From moisturisers to make up, from body scrubs, fake tan and facial cleansers to hair products. Yep, we absorb it all the nasty chemicals and the toxic ingredients.

I remember when I first started switching out conventional products to a less toxic kind it was quite exciting but also very confusing (generally it is slightly more expensive too, and I definitely spent some extra cash just figuring out the new best kinds of body wash, shampoo make up etc.) Which is why I wanted to create this particular blog series. Starting with hair care; think shampoos, conditioners, treatments and dry shampoos.

I have very thick shoulder length hair, oily roots and pretty dry ends (just to give you an idea so as to compare your hair to mine for what worked and what didnt)

Sukin Shampoo: At first I thought I was onto a winner, I LOVE their skin care and body wash and it is quite affordable… Until my hair was very dry like I had washed it with a bar of hand soap and hair started falling out… I mean I shed a bit of hair but boy this was alot more.

Biologika Shampoo: I found this particular product really didn’t wash my hair very well, I was left even once dry feeling like it was heavy and oil coated. Their products smell amazing however and love their coconut body wash.

Acure: Found with thick hair I had to do 2 washes each time and chewed through the product quickly, loved the lemongrass selection. A little more pricey for the not so good result but still pretty affordable.

Mr Smith: Smells incredible, botanical scent, washes hair using minimal amount of product, gorgeous bottle, cleans hair like a conventional product would. This is by far the best natural shampoo/conditioner I have come across and I am in love. It is definitely more costly but I think it is totally worth it. Hard to buy as they only stock in stores but check out their stockists.

Black Chicken Dry Shampoo: I LOVE the black chicken deodorant, so naturally when they released a dry shampoo only the other week I had to get my hands on it. I love that I can leave a pilates, barre or boxing class and not feel like my sweaty hair looks un fresh to head to another job or out with friends.

Would love to hear of any hair products you LOVE and adore!

Stay tuned for coming non toxic natural beauty product posts.





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