My go to essential oils and how to use them in your home and daily life

Essential oils entered my life at a very monumental time emotionally, bringing me self love, support and also some beautiful women that my soul so needed. In this time I naturally drew towards oils that aided in emotional comfort and that felt grounding from head to toe. From there I realised after healing, just how much they enhanced my life, now using for freaking EVERYTHING. I am so grateful for the oils not only in their entirety but their timing in my life. I hope to share that experience of support and curiosity to others and spread their unique and power. I choose to use doTERRA essential oils as they are some of the purest oils on the market and have such a wide range of oils, wellness tools, house hold products and SO MUCH MORE. 

Here are some of my favourite oils and how I have come to use them in my day to day life.

ON GUARD: I use on guard as a mouth wash. 1 drop under my tongue and then swish around with a mouthful of water.

It’s powerful immune supporting properties make it my go to oil for diffusing when I feel a cold coming on (other than the fact that the smell is sensational) and also to clean the air of moulds and toxins.

LAVENDER: Lavender for me is one of the most diverse oils. I pop a few drops in my laundry when washing towels and bed sheets to give a calming scent. I have made up roller bottles with fractionated coconut oil that I apply about an hour before bed time that calm my nervous system and my body now knows when I smell lavender its sleep time! (I keep it AWAY from my car and when driving, made that mistake once never again). Diffusing lavender and sometimes adding easy air whilst I sleep creates a peaceful and resting environment. Topically, I have also used lavender diluted with fractionated coconut oil for sun burn relief, skin irritations and to clean cuts.

DIGEST ZEN: If I am feeling bloated or even if I ate too much, perhaps motion sick or nauseous digest zen’s fennel and anise flavour soothes the stomach and is a quick easy and natural way of feeling comfort.

WHISPER: Whisper has become my daily fragrance, no more toxic chemical laden perfumes going onto my skin and to me it smells 10 x better. A grounding scent of musks and spices I cant go past, a beautiful gift for the women in your life also.

LEMON: Ah lemon… It quite literally smells like cutting open a lemon fresh from the tree. I use this oil in my water bottle adding a drop or two, in cooking like my lemon balls and in cleaning. To make up a surface cleaner in a spray bottle add 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar and 15-20 drops lemon oil.

PEPPERMINT: someone say choc mint? I am obsessed with creating essential oil based raw desserts check out some of the peppermint ones I have created here: choc mint slice and choc mint tart, 

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils or adding the oils into your life please contact me by e-mailing: we can arrange to meet in person or online!

Stay tuned for essential oil workshops coming soon in Mansfield and Melbourne VIC areas.



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