Tread lightly & Vote with your dollar

I am the first to admit, I have gone through stages where I probably purchased something new every day. If there was an event, I was NOT going to wear something I already had I needed something new to look better and somehow thought that would make me feel better and more accepted…

In this age we are lead to believe that the MORE we have that the happier we will be, that the more accepted we will be and more superior/popular we will be. Silly isn’t it.

Lately I have been trying to live by the phrase VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR. By consciously voting with our dollar we can reduce, stop and say NO to what we don’t need in this world.

When you purchase something you are saying YES. I believe in this and I am happy investing in the future of this product, good, service. This can lead to a positive and negative reaction. Positive would be that we all say YES to companies that say NO to

  • poor work environment
  • unsafe (factory fires and disasters more common)
  • hot
  • beatings to workers when requesting better conditions

Negative would be the current situation or to continue this way. Voting YES to a horrible industry  where a lot of us are blissfully unaware of the above conditions that many go through to produce that item of clothing you are now wearing (of course some brands are far worse than others).

My gorgeous mamma often explained to us growing up how many companies don’t pay workers fairly, or that the factories young children and women are forced to slave over can have terrible working conditions and often produce what we see in stores. However after watching “The True Cost” on NETFLIX, I learnt that this issue starts right from the growing of the cotton.

GMO COTTON EFFECTS (made differently to organic cotton so it can grow to keep up with the demands of the fashion industry. Fast fashion needs fast cotton. However the effects are shocking:

  • chemicals flow into drinking water and effect neighbouring villages and the locals health (children being born with mental issues and health concerns)
  • soil, water, destroying crops
  • pressure of money and production leading to farmer suicides by drinking pesticides

If you are interested in doing more of your own research I recommend starting with these few resources I have found to be incredibly eye opening.

MY MISSION WITH HARMONY SKIRTS. Recently I have been letting my creativity shine through and put thoughts into action with something I have been thinking about for a long while. I love nothing more than to put on a floaty dress or maxi skirt, embrace my inner goddess and create in any way shape or form. I started collecting materials and began producing my own skirts and sewing garments for my own use. It is my vision to bring about a space for these skirts I so love that are all

  • 1. locally sourced materials
  • 2. fair trade
  • 3. consciously created
  • 4. NO WASTE
  • 5. up cycle where possible

When first putting together @harmonyskirts (check out Instagram and Facebook) I intended to launch in small markets around April 2018. I have decided to take this process a little slower after doing more research into the clothing industry and knowing I want to do this and source fabrics in a way that allows me to tread lightly on mamma earth and know all those along the line are being treated fairly and paid properly… that there are the least possible effects on this planet and its beautiful humans. I hope that YOU will respect and love this side of my lil side project as much as I do. Stay tuned on Harmony Skirts Instagram for launch and this journey.

WE NEED TO STOP BUYING SO MUCH! Here are some steps I hope we can start to make more normal and accepted as a way of “shopping” that eliminates the waste and brings us closer together.

  • gather some friends, bring food have a girls night! each bring a few items of clothing and have a clothes swap. Exchange clothes with each other, alter if need be and ta da less clothes purchased that you may not wear more than once and hopefully if we all start to participate more we can slowly make a dent in “fast fashion”.
  • purchase second hand items instead of heading to the shops all the time.
  • learn to sew, alter and create!
  • wear items until they perish not just single use, even wear things twice to bigger events you do not need something new every single time.


Here are some fair trade clothing companies I have come across

  • in the soulshine
  • people tree
  • patagonia (great for outdoors stuff, my amazing nature/adventure loving dad has always loved this brand for its product and belief)
  • auguste the label

Spread the word, lets reduce waste, stop buying so much crap and ensure we are treating every individual fairly and with love. Be kind to mamma earth and live with as light of a foot print as you can.

Mountains of love X


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