What the goodness is health coaching?

The question I commonly get “what is that health coaching thing you are doing all about” makes me feel 1 of 3 things generally. Here they are.

  1. This industry has a LONG way to go before its understood the same way as what is a e.g doctor, teacher, lawyer etc.
  2. Bloody good on your for seeking the answer. That people are super curious but don’t know what it is enough to dive into a session or conversation about it
  3. That I want to tell them all about it and how important holistic health is (without scaring them or doing a major word vomit)

Honest to goodness, its a question asked a lot and I thought I had better come here to address it. I know for myself if I don’t understand what something is I am very unlikely to give it a crack!

So as simply as I can explain, holistic health coaching is a session where we look at your life as a WHOLE, hence the word holistic about to get thrown around like confetti.

After we conduct an initial health history and talk about some goals you might have or current circumstances etc. we then dive a little deeper. Firstly, we look into your “primary foods” these are the life nutrients you get OFF your plate. Think relationships, career/work, spirituality and physical exercise. We dive into what role each of these play in your life and how they are currently weighing, ways that you could improve areas to make the balance more equal as they all compliment one another and how to move forward between sessions. We will work together to figure out areas that are lacking, that are weighing you down and also look at areas that are thriving.

Once “primary foods” have been talked over (this may be in your first session or it may be 2 or 3 or 10 sessions down the line depending on how slow you want to take it, and how much of “primary foods” we need to work through) we will then dive into “secondary foods” these being the food nutrients you get ON the plate. Here is where we look into what you eat, your relationship with food and nourishing your body, how it is perhaps effecting you physically and mentally and where you can go to from here. I don’t believe in diets and this will be explained further in sessions. We will work out foods that work best for your body and what you need to increase intake of and ones that do not serve you and that you perhaps should eat less of.

How many sessions do I need? There is no true answer as each individuals body and needs are different. By starting with one session we can work out how often you will see me based on your finances as well as time, and also to see you get the most out of what you are wanting to work towards.

How long are sessions? Online 45minute blocks are the set time however if you would like longer you can request by emailing me first (1.5 hrs is longest session time, these sessions are a time of HUGE growth so your mind will need a rest soon after)

Classes are currently online only until I move into my space in QLD later in the year.Β However if you live in Mansfield, Ballarat or Melbourne areas please contact me via email hello@pilatesbyannika.com and we can look at arranging a face to face session in a yummy local cafe or in your home.

What do I wear? Unless a pilates one on one is apart of your booking (where you need to be in comfy exercise gear) come in whatever you wish, something that makes you easily relaxed and comfortable.

In sessions with me you will have access to essential oils and using them to aid in the process and for specific needs of yourself e.g anxiety, sleep issues, bloating etc. As a pilates instructor you also have access to my knowledge of the body and movement where you can book in for a private class around your coaching session or another day. I give you my contact details in which you can email me between sessions if you need assistance or clarity on things talked about, or if you simply need to reach out before you see me next. I have a library of books that you are open to where you can take away for extra reading and education, as well as recommendations of resources and health practitioners that you may need to see on top of myself. Any health practitioner I mention or recommend is someone I personally have seen and love.

Group sessions will be available once my space is secured in QLD. If you would feel more at ease in a group let me know and I can see if there is enough interest to run a group online session.

How do I book a session? Head to the bookings section of this website or if you are not quite ready to book email me first for a chat at hello@pilatesbyannika.com and we can go from there.

I hope this answers some of the questions you may have about health coaching. If not please email me and we can walk through it in more detail.

Health, love and light

A x




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