Tongue Scraping

The Ayurvedic self care routine that is tongue scraping, is an an oral hygiene practice. By scraping the tongue it is believed that we are able to remove:

  • Bacteria
  • Toxins
  • Dead cells
  • Fungi
  • Undigested food and thoughts known as Ama in Ayurvedic medicine

Whilst we sleep, our digestive system keeps working, staying awake to get busy at all the food we have been consuming over the day. Through this process it removes toxins from our body by depositing them onto the surface of our tongue. In the scenario that we don’t scrape away these toxins from our tongues surface it is taken back in, reabsorbed by the body and can sometimes lead to digestive problems, and a compromised slightly weaker immune system. (Fellow Aussies going into winter, perfect time to start using tongue scrapers and on guard essential oil)


Benefits of tongue scraping:

  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Allows taste buds to be clear and literally taste food better. Digestion also starts with TASTE so its important we are tasting our food properly
  • Boosts your immunity as your tongue is first line of overall defence in immune system for your bod
  • In Ayurvedic practices poor digestive health is considered the root for all diseases, so by scraping your tongue you can start to create better digestive health and therefore over all (obviously takes a little more than scraping your tongue but its a great start)
  • Produces and encourages saliva production which promotes Agni. Agni is your bodies digestive fire


     How to use a tongue scraper:

  • Place the U shaped tool on the back of tongue and drag forward
  • The tool is NOT sharp, you need to press firmly. Does not hurt in any way
  • Repeat 3-4 times or until tongue is free of build up. When you first start you’ll most likely need to repeat a few times
  • Between each scrape I personally like to run the tool under hot water. I find this allows for a cleaner, more effective scrape
  • Once finished simply run under hot water and dry


Natural oral hygiene routine:

For the first 20 years of my life, I used conventional toothpaste/mouthwash/floss in my oral hygiene care. I made the switch about 6 months ago to a less toxic version that still cleans teeth, fights bacteria and aids in healthy gums the NATURAL way. Here is my little routine.

  • Brush teeth (I have just ordered an ionic toothbrush I will do another post on this) using natural toothpaste. These are a few I like. 1 2
  • Scrape tongue using Dr. Tungs Tongue Cleaner
  • Floss
  • Clean teeth again quickly (if you are a little OCD like me)
  • Place 2 drops doTERRA peppermint essential oil and 2 drops doTERRA On Guard essential oil in half a glass of water. Use as a mouth wash rinsing mouth until all mix is gone. (if you are new to essential oils maybe do 1 drop of each to start, remember they are powerful and can feel a little warm if in contact with skin so be careful)
  • doTERRA peppermint essential oil (beadlets or pure oil) is amazing for keeping breath fresh throughout the day. If using the oil simply pop 1 drop under tongue (again if new to using oils be careful as we all can handle different amounts and they are super powerful especially that beauty of peppermint!)


Cleaning your tongue scraper:

Once a week I like to give the scraper its own really good clean. I simply submerge the tool in boiling water and add a drop of doTERRA essential oil “On Guard” which is full of protective oils.

If you also want to clean your toothbrush while you are at it (I had never heard of this for a long time either) simply fill a glass of boiling water and place a drop of “On Guard” essential oil in the glass. Place the toothbrush brush side down and leave over night.

peppermint and on guard
tongue scraper and travel bag
essential oils mouthwash
tongue scraping tool



Products and Discounts:

For majority of my natural beauty products I shop online at Beautiful Because if you are wanting to get some products for yourself use this discount code for 10% off your first purchase PILATES10 (I think it still works)

As far as buying just a basic tongue cleaner I highly recommend Dr.Tung’s it is the most effective, easy to clean and sturdy. You can find in most health food/wholefood stores.

For all essential oils I use doTERRA, if you wish to purchase oils through this beautiful brand please follow the steps below

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click ‘Join & Save’

Step 3: Choose country and language that is appropriate for you. For Australia choose “LOCAL”

Step 4: Choose “WELLNESS ADVOCATE” not ‘wholesale customer’ (this simply means you will earn the same discount on the products as I do)

Step 5: Enter your personal information

Step 6: At Enroller ID, enter my number: 5090905, click verify (It should show my name – Annika Mielnik)

Step 7: Give yourself an easy to remember password and click onto the next page

Step 8: Select your enrollment kit as you see them displayed up the top. If you are not purchasing a kit please choose ‘Welcome Introductory Packet’ for $35 and then type in the individual products you want in the box eg. Petal diffuser. I recommend adding a fractionated coconut oil to all orders to use to dilute your oils for sensitive skin, babies and children and so you can make your own roller bottles!

*The $35 fee is waived with all enrollment kits

Step 9: Complete payment options to finalise your order

Step 10: The Loyalty Rewards Program – this part is completely optional but if you are ready to create another order for next month and begin growing your collection affordably feel free to set it up now, I recommend the Mood Management Kit. LRP is a great way to grow your collection slowly and affordably by adding new oils and other doTERRA’s natural products into your home whilst being rewarded with points you can cash in for free products. If you’d like to learn more please contact me.

Now that you’re signed up you will receive a confirmation email with your log in ID and password. I will be in touch with you soon to plug you into our private Facebook group for education and support.


All my love

A x

P.s I am in the process of updating my lovely newsletter list! Please email if you would like to be added to receive a monthly wellness packed email! Or hit the subscribe button as you enter my website.



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