From Journal Page To Truth

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you talk about something so often, or think about it multiple times a day that it actually happens? Your thoughts or speech become your Truth, you reality and your life. Pretty freaking amazing? Yep. So I wanted journallingto share a little on journalling, in particular journalling for bringing about those things you seek in life.

A few points to make before we get started.

  • Journaling whilst I whole heartedly believe in it does not invite you to sit on your tooshy all day and wait… we need to take action. And remember imperfect action is better than none at all.
  • Remember to focus in on the positive as just as the positive can be brought into life so can the negative, what we dwell on persists.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, I try to do this every day but somedays it just does not flow and thats OKAY! Give yourself time to get used to the practice some days you will write half a page some days you’ll write 3 or more.

I wanted to share how I journal, why I journal and some simple action steps.

  1. Get a note book that is ONLY for your journal practice
  2. First thing in the morning (I open up my blinds, grab my journal and pen then stay in bed and write away)
  3. Date the page (it can be pretty awesome to look back and reflect on the time as well as the writing)
  4. Start of by noting down how you feel in that moment. And what you are feeling and why you think you feel that way. Be 100% honest with yourself, theres no reason to hide here.
  5. Move towards the positive always, as mentioned before we need to be careful we are not putting our energy into the wrong place or manifesting the negative. Focus on the GOOD that is happening, vent the negative when you need to however don’t set up camp here.
  6. Set out what you want to bring into life by writing it down as if it is already true, note how you see it and how it will feel. For example if you want to live by the ocean write down “I live by the ocean, I smell salt and have sand in my toes” Say it. Repeat it over and over. Affirm it. Tell people.

Since starting this practice not only have things been brought into my life that I once would have laughed at if you told me would come about, and I am more connected with myself than I ever have been. Each day is started with ME, I know how I am feeling, I leave behind what I do not need to carry into the day and I start my days happily and with the whole picture in mind.

I hope that by trying this out it may help you in some way.

Health, love, light, abundance and peace to you beautiful, happy journalling x



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